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If your looking for an honest, hard working and knowledgeable web development company to assist you with a new website... you've come to the right place!  There are two very important things to consider when you want to build a new website... Responsive Web Design and Search Engine Optimization!!  Developing your new website RESPONSIVELY will insure that it can be seen properly by all of your website visitors no matter what size computer monitor they have, or if they happen to visit your site on a tablet or smart phone.  Your new website will adapt and look great to all of them. That is RESPONSIVE DESIGN and the GraphicSmart Team can help you achieve it!  To learn more you may use our Contact Us Page to send us an inquiry, you can CLICK HERE to learn more about us or you can call the GraphicSmart Team at: 678-334-5408

Responsive Web Design Atlanta by GraphicSmart!

What is Responsive Design Anyway??  Basically, it's a way of designing and developing a website so that it responds by scaling up or down appropriately when viewed on any size computer monitor or device.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

Want to see a great example of responsive design in action?  Start shrinking the size of your browser window right here on this page of our website ( to replicate viewing the site on a smaller device like a tablet or smart phone ) - you’ll see the site respond / adapt as the browser window changes in size.  Alternatively just load the site on your mobile or tablet device to see how it adapts and fits in just great!  At smaller sizes you will see that the menu resizes, the text gets rearranged appropriately and you will even notice that the 3 images at the bottom of the page resize and then eventually stack one on top of another in order to fit & scale properly!  Definitely COOL and very important so that you don't miss website traffic and customers!  When considering a web design firm... visit their site and re-size your browser window to see it their site adapts and responds!  If they haven't given thought to Responsive Web Design and Development then they probably wouldn't be a good choice for you.  They are missing traffic and customers so how would they be able to insure that your site is Responsive and ready for any device?

With an ever growing range of devices connecting to the internet (e.g. smart phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops... which amounts to about 20% of your website traffic today) and a wide variety of computer screen sizes and form factors, there’s more pressure than ever to create websites that work well and look great no matter what device they’re being viewed on.

In the past most websites have been developed based on fixed layouts, and while a common screen width of 1024px has been considered a relatively safe size to use for websites, it doesn’t work well on small mobile screens like smart phones and can lead to sites looking a little lost on larger desktop screens. The traditional method for dealing with this has been to create two separate properties, where one experience is optimized for mobile devices and the other for desktops.  This strategy can work but it means that two websites had to be maintained, increasing the cost of development and maintenance.  Not good at all... as I am sure you will agree with us that spending more $$ is never a good thing when it isn't necessary!

Responsive Design and Development, on the other hand, is an approach the GraphicSmart Team takes to adapt the layout of our customer's sites to enable small and large screen devices to share the same code base and content without the need of separate website properties.  When we design and develop at website responsively we only need to develop one codebase for all of your website visitors, no matter what device they use to view your site... and in doing so we save you money.  SWEET!

Please take the time to review the rest of our site... Responsive Web Design is very important but it has to work hand and hand with Search Engine Optimization if your going to be successful with your website on the internet.  What good is a great looking "Responsive" Website if people searching for the services and products your company offers can't find it?  SEO... Search Engine Optimization is step two!  By having us work to optimize your website for Search Engines you will be insuring that your awesome, brand new,  Responsive Website can be found by all your potential customers... and that you will rise to the top of Search Engine results!  So very important and essential for the success of your company website.

The GraphicSmart Team is honest, hard working and knowledgeable.  We are fully aware that when you succeed, we do as well!  Rest Assured...

Web Design Atlanta = GraphicSmart!

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Responsive Design

You want to amaze your website visitors with a brand new website. We offer great design work that is RESPONSIVE! This means that your website will scale to fit wonderfully on any size monitor or device!

Easy To Update

We know that most of our customers want the ability to update their site on their own and save some money... therefore most of our sites are CMS (Content Management Systems) in order to make that happen!

Admin Training

We offer website admin training so that our clients are fully prepared to manage their sites! Online meeting rooms are utilized to train our clients and we find that this training is very much appreciated by all !

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